Requested - My Treat - David Luiz Imagine

(I’m tired from school, so you better love me for this! Good news though, I’m only in three days a week! So, I can still keep my tumblr up! I’ll try and do as many stories as possible!)

Noting in life comes for free and up until now, I didn’t realise how much that was true! My mum and dad let me go to the college I wanted - In Brazil with David - if I got a job over there and agreed to pay for everything myself.
It was easy for a while because I’d had some saved up by then but by month four everything was getting harder.
I live with David so luckily he pays for food and drink, he pays for the house but I help with some of it. I pay around £5.5 grand a term for the forensic science college course I wanted to attend.
It’s expensive - really expensive - but I just about manage to afford it; up until this dreadful day.
“I have to let you go, Y/N.” My boss shakes his head. “I’m sorry.”
I feel tears in my eyes and try my hardest to fight them away.
“Why… What have I done so wrong?” I whimper.
“Nothing, I just can’t afford so many staff…” He shrugs, handing me my last pay check.
I sigh, nodding slowly and tucking the money into my pocket.
The whole walk home I’m trying to think of a way to tell David. I know he’s extremely well off with money and that he’ll try and give me some; to help pay but I don’t want to feel like a charity.
“Baby!” David beams as I shut the door. “You’re back early..”
“I got fired.” I sigh quietly, tossing my jacket aside and roughly kicking off my shoes.
He frowns towards me when I peer up at him and he slowly walks closer to me.
“What about college?” David mumbles, reaching to tuck my messy hair behind my ear.
“I’ll have to quit.” I sigh, shrugging. “Or I’ll find the money somehow.”
“Let me pay, Y/N…” David pleads, wrapping both his arms around my small waist.
“No, I can’t make you do that..” I mumble, shaking my head slowly.
My heart thuds as he watches down towards me, a warm smile on his lips.
“Honey, please…” David sighs, tilting up my chin. “I can afford it.”
“Exactly!” I groan. “You have the money, I don’t!”
David frowns heavily, shaking his head slowly.
“We’re a couple..” He sighs, kissing my forehead. “It’s my treat.”
Staying completely quiet, I keep my arms around his neck.
I guess that’s what love is about, you’d do anything to help the other.

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